To view an offender’s visitation dates, please select the year, month and housing pod or custody level if the offender is Green and White Custody.

Year   Month   Pod or Custody

Dates subject to change without notice. It is the offender’s responsibility to confirm these dates with those posted in the pod.

Regional Visitation

CCRCF follows MDOC visitation guide lines. Medium custody visits every other week and Minimum Non Community visit every other weekend. CCRCF does not have visitation on Fifth Saturday or Sunday. Offenders are allowed three hours to visit. Visitation times are 8 A.M. to 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. visitation is on Saturday and Sunday. Each Pod’s visitation rotates each visit. They may visit on Saturday A.M. this week and the next visit may be on Sunday P.M.

Added: Chickasaw County Jail and Chickasaw County Regional Correctional facilities now offer video visitation. It is a great way to see your friend or love ones without having to travel. For information and to setup an account click here.


Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility

Visitation Rules and Procedures

Listed below are the rules and procedures for persons approved to visit offenders housed at the Chickasaw County Regional Correctional Facility (CCRCF). Violation of these rules could result in the termination of the visit, suspension of visitation privileges and/or arrest by local law enforcement officials.

General Procedures

Visitors, while on the grounds of CCRCF, are subject to search of their persons, vehicles, personal property, or any and all items in their possession. Contraband will be confiscated and violators will be subject to prosecution. This will include, but not be limited to guns, knives, ammunition, alcohol, drugs, weapons ( or any instrument that could be used as a weapon ), cameras or recording devices or any item declared by CCRCF as contraband.

Parking for visitors will be in the CCRCF parking lot.

Allowable Monies for Visitors

CCRCF visitors will be allowed to put Postal Money orders on the offenders commissary account prior to visitation.

Allowable Items for Visitors

Tobacco products are prohibited for visitors and offender in the visitation areas.

Visitors with infants may possess only (1) diaper bag with up to four (4) diapers, two (2) bottles, one (1) change of baby clothes, one (1) pacifier and diaper wipes in a zip lock bag and any necessary medication for the infant. All diaper bags will be thoroughly searched. Visitors will be encouraged to use clear see-through diaper bags in order to expedite the search process.


Individuals who are convicted felons will be prohibited from visiting offenders except in those cases where immediate family relationships are established (in such cases, the Warden or designee may grant permission in writing)

Visitors will show this written authorization each time they visit.

Any individual who, through investigation, is believed to pose a threat to the offender or facility will be excluded from visitation.

Cause for Termination/Suspension of Visits

A visit may be denied or terminated, and visitation privileges suspended (temporarily or permanently) by assigned staff for any of the following circumstances.

  1. Contraband
  2. Visitor fails to produce sufficient identification
  3. Visitor possesses unauthorized money or any negotiable instrument while on the grounds of the facility.
  4. Visitor is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Visitor engages in any behavior which may be designated inappropriate by the Warden or designee
  6. Children act in a disruptive manner in the visitation area
  7. Visitor displays excessive physical contact with an offender.
  8. Necessary order and security cannot be maintained.

Suspension Protocol

Offence Sanction/Suspension

Possession of drugs, Drug paraphernalia
(i.e. roach clips, rolling papers, Smoking pipes and steel wool) or alcohol on grounds
Possession of electronic devices example (Cell phone, Camera) Permanent
Possession of firearms Permanent
Falsified identification Permanent
Leaving minors in the visitation or parking
areas unattended
Sexual activity Permanent
Entering the visitation search area with contraband
(after being advised to return item to vehicle)
Concealed contraband on Person One Year
Exchanging shoes with an offender One Year
Attempting to visit on non-visitation day Six Months
Bringing contraband from the unit Six Months
Falsifying age to avoid presenting identification One Year
Violation of dress code One Year
Under influence of alcohol or drugs One Year

Offender Visitation Facilities

All visits will occur in the visitation area or in designated locations.

No visitors will be permitted in offender living quarters.

Visitation areas, will allow for informality of communication as much as possible.

Admission of Visitors

  1. Visitors will register at the visitation reception area with approved photographic I.D. (i.e. driver’s license, state I.D. or federal I.D.
  2. Fourteen (14) years of age and older will present identification (i.e. driver’s license, state I.D. or student I.D.
  3. Tongue, naval and nose rings or other body piercing is prohibited
  4. Be pat searched of their person and/or be electronically scanned for contraband.
  5. Signs will be posted for pregnant visitors to notify the scan technician of their condition.
  6. Children will be pat-searched in the presence of their parents.
  7. Be strip-searched when circumstances dictate.
  8. Will submit to a search of all allowable items and/or property.

Prohibited Items in Visitation Areas

Phones, Pagers, Wallets, Purses, Handbags, Change purses and any Electronic device are prohibited. These items will remain in a vehicle. CCRCF staff will not hold non-allowable items or keep any items for visitors.


Visitors who are on prescribed medication will be allowed the necessary dosage in the original prescription container. However, all prescribed medication will be secured at the designated area as specified by the controlling authority or designee at the facility.

No canteen or vending items will leave the facility’s visitation area.

Rules of Conduct

General rules and regulations will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Visitors will remain in the designated visiting areas (any visitor leaving the designated areas will have their visit terminated).
  2. Any visitor not on the offender visitation list will be denied visitation.
  3. No offender(s) will escort any visitor to restroom(s) area.
  4. Offenders and visitors will be prohibited from giving, trading, selling or receiving anything to or from each other, other offenders or visitors.
  5. Tobacco products are prohibited in all visitation areas
  6. Visitors will converse with offenders in a normal tone of voice (loud talking, laughing, yelling or arguing can result in the termination of visits).
  7. Any visitor or offender who becomes disruptive or disrespectful to staff will be reported and will be subject to having their visit terminated.
  8. Children will be the responsibility of the parent and will be supervised at all times.
  9. No toys will be brought into the institution
  10. Combing of hair within the visitation area is prohibited.
  11. Offender and visitors must keep the area clean (i.e. all plastic bottles, paper and other trash will be placed in trash containers.)
  12. Offenders are not permitted to escort/accompany visitors to walkway or gates.
  13. Visiting more than one offender is prohibited UNLESS an immediate family relationship has been verified.
  14. In an emergency or disturbance, visitors will be required to leave the facility.

At the conclusion of visitation, visitors will be prohibited from leaving the facility with any property or items that was not in their possession upon entering the facility.

Physical Contact

Acceptable Behavior

  1. A brief kiss and embrace upon entry and exit
  2. Holding hands
  3. Walking or sitting with arms around the shoulder or waist
  4. Hands resting on any part of the body not considered sexual.

Forbidden Behavior

  1. Hands on or fondling areas considered sexual
  2. Sexual activity
  3. Prolonged body kissing or body embracing
  4. Lip Kissing except for the beginning and/or end of the visit.
  5. Sitting in such a manner to expose to view, areas of the body considered sexual.
  6. No sitting in laps (does not apply to children under the age of 12).
  7. Sitting or lying on the ground or floor is prohibited.

Dress Codes


  1. Shirts must be worn
  2. No pants pulled down below the hip line
  3. No tank tops, sleeveless tops or bare midriffs
  4. No shorts above the knee
  5. No cut-off shorts, jogging shorts or biking shorts
  6. Shoes must be worn (no house or shower shoes)
  7. Under wear must be worn
  8. No jewelry except a wedding ring, religious medallion or medical alert bracelet
  9. Hat, caps and bandanas will not be permitted


  1. Shorts at knee level or below
  2. No hip huggers, cut-off shorts, jogging shorts or biking shorts
  3. Slits on skirts and dresses will not extend above the knee when seated
  4. No see through clothing
  5. No tank tops, sleeveless tops or bare midriffs
  6. Underwear and bra must be worn
  7. Shoes must be worn (no house or shower shoes)
  8. No jewelry except a wedding ring, religious medallion or a medical alert bracelet
  9. Hats, caps and bandanas will not be permitted

The dress code will be strictly enforced at all times during visitation (the facility’s controlling authority or designee must approve any exception.

Violation of the dress code may result in the visit being terminated or future suspension.

Visitor Approval

Each proposed visitor will submit completed visitation forms to CCRCF.

All information provided by the proposed visitor will be reviewed and verified by the facility’s designated visitation personnel.

Proposed visitors will not be permitted to visit until all appropriate forms or information have been submitted, reviewed and approved.

The offender will be notified of approval or disapproval by the CCRCF’s designated visitation personnel. It is the responsibility of the offender to notify his approved visitors.


All visitors under the age of eighteen (18) may visit, but must be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

  • Children fourteen (14) years of age and older will present identification (i.e., driver’s license, state I.D., Student I.D.) THIS I.D. MUST DISPLAY THEIR DATE OF BIRTH.
  • Children under fourteen (14) years of age will bring legible birth certificate.

Offender Visitation List

Offenders are allowed to update their visitation form once a year from the date of entry at MDOC reception center.

Offenders will be limited to ten (10) persons on visitation list at any one time. This will not include children under the age of fourteen (14).

Offenders may be permitted to make changes on their visitation list one (1) times per year (from the entry date at MDOC reception Center).

A maximum of six (6) visitors will be admitted, including children, per visitation.

CCRCF will not be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal possessions belonging to visitors while they are on the grounds of the CCRCF.